Mem 2 Mem VPSS-CSC & VPSS-SC device

This Design enable Xilinx VPSS-SC (Scaler) to work as Mem 2 Mem Device. Xilinx Frame buffer Read → Xilinx VPSS-CSC → Xilinx VPSS-Scaler → Xilinx Frame buffer write act as composite device. 

Reference Design

This reference design is with ZCU102

Device tree binding

The dts node should be defined with correct configuration. The common dts properties are described in video.txt

Test Commands: 

With above device tree, you will find below media device in linux.

First configure Scaler and CSC sink and src pads to required formats.

Then fire the GST command.  Here 1920X1080 RGB is the input to the  v4l2video0convert and the output is scaled and converted to 1280X720 YUY2

Command to scale YUY2