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The Xilinx Wiki landing page has been updated to what you see below.  The former one is still available if you would like to use at Legacy Xilinx Wiki. Along with the update to the landing page, there are ongoing updates to the underlying pages and hierarchy. A lot of the older material is being archived and might be depreciated. If you cannot find a page that you have accessed before please contact us at wiki-help@xilinx.com.

Welcome to the Xilinx Wiki!

The purpose of the wiki is to provide you with the tools you need to complete projects and tasks which use Xilinx products.

If you have any technical questions on the subjects contained in this Wiki please ask them on the boards located at Xilinx Community Forums. There are multiple boards on the Xilinx Community Forums. Please try to select the best one to fit your topic. If there are any issues with this Wiki itself or its infrastructure please report them here.

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Technical Support

Technical Support varies depending on the software and configurations utilized. Support is available for Xilinx provided customizations only; any modifications are not supported. For a detailed listing of all Embedded Software components and what is supported, please reference Embedded SW Support .

All other content, including Open Source Linux on MicroBlaze™ and PowerPC® is not supported through Xilinx Technical Support, and is provided as-is. Please feel free to post your questions on the Xilinx embedded forums.