SDFEC Driver

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SD-FEC Driver for Zynq Ultrascale+TM RFSoC


This page gives an overview of the Soft-Decision FEC (SD-FEC) driver which is available as part of the Xilinx Linux distribution.

This driver supports the Soft-Decision FEC (SD-FEC) Integrated Block.

The driver is available at

HW IP Features

The HW IP features summary is documented in SD-FEC Product Guide (PG256)

Features supported in driver

  • Supports retrieval of the Integrated Block Configuration and Status information
  • Supports configuration of LDPC Codes
  • Supports configuration of Turbo Decoding
  • Monitoring errors

Missing Features, Known Issues and Limitations

  • Only allows a single open file handler to any instance of the driver at any time
  • Reset of the SD-FEC Integrated Block is not controlled by this driver
  • Does not support shared LDPC code table wraparound
  • Does not utilizes Linux Clock Control Framework

Kernel Configuration

To compile a kernel with a driver for the SD-FEC enable the following kernel config option:

Device Tree Settings

For more details about the device tree bindings please refer to . Below is an example of a SD-FEC device tree entry.

Driver Examples

LDPC DOCSIS 3.1 Demo Example

This example demonstrates how to set up and control the BER test hardware and to configure a SD-FEC IP instance. It implements an interactive software described in the processor-based example design of SD-FEC Product Guide (PG256).

Source path for the demo is located at:

To create images that can be deployed using an SD-CARD

  • Create petalinux project using the following command:

Note: xilinx-zcu111-v2019.2-final.bsp is the PetaLinux BSP for ZCU111 Production Silicon Rev1.0 Board.

  • Change to the PetaLinux project directory using the following command:
  • Build the Linux images using the following command:
  • After the above statement executes successfully, verify the images and the timestamp in the images directory in the PetaLinux project folder using the following commands:
  • Generate the Boot image using the following command:

The above procedure will create the following SD-Card deployable images
   a. BOOT.bin
   b. image.ub

Copy the BOOT.BIN and image.ub from plnx-sdfec-demo/plnx_sdfec_demo/images/linux to a SD-CARD.

The following console log demonstrate how to run the SD-FEC demo, to exit the application press CTRL-C.

Change Log



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60727d9: misc: xilinx-sdfec: Add CLEAR_STATS IOCTL
5bf8ce6 : misc: xilinx-sdfec: add_ldpc incorrectly sets code
8155bf1 : misc: xilinx-sdfec: Remove tracking of table entries
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1474437 : misc: xilinx-sdfec: Improve the IOCTL Handling
2e5a707 : misc: xilinx-sdfec: Use "code_id" to dev_err calls
4d16f52 : misc: xilinx-sdfec: Remove Max Device Limitation


Initial supported version that provides an early access release to driver
bd44d45 : misc: xilinx-sdfec: Setting FEC_CODE change