ZynqMP firmware driver

Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC/Versal  firmware driver

Firmware interface driver for Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC/Versal


ZynqMP has an interface to communicate with secure firmware. Firmware driver provides an interface to firmware APIs. Interface APIs can be used by any driver to communicate to PMUFW(Platform Management Unit)(ZynqMP) or PLM(Platform Loader and Manager)(Versal). These requests include clock management, pin control, device control, power management service, FPGA service and other platform management services.

HW IP features


Features supported in driver

  • Communication layer to request Platform Management Unit and Trustzone
  • Control/configure devices through IOCTL
  • Query platform specific information from firmware
  • Clock control
  • Pin control and configurations
  • other platform management services like FPGA management, reset, etc
  • Debug interface to debug firmware APIs
  • Sysfs interface for accessing GGS and PGGS registers, setting shutdown scope, setting health boot status, accessing PMU and CSU registers

Missing Features, Known Issues and Limitations


Kernel Configuration

Firmware driver is by default enabled for ZynqMP platform. The following config options should be enabled in order to build the ZynqMP firmware driver:
The following config options should be enabled in order to enable ZynqMP firmware debugfs:


  • ZynqMP
  • Versal

Test procedure

  • Firmware version running on hardware should match with expected version
  • ATF PM version should match with expected version
  • If CONFIG_ZYNQMP_FIRMWARE_DEBUG is enabled, debugfs entry should be present and pm_get_api_version should return correct value.

Mainline status

Firmware driver is up-streamed to mainline kernel.
Patches for modification of existing driver to extend support for Versal is up-streamed to mainline kernel.

Change Log


  • Add ZynqMP firmware driver
  • a755cc6 drivers: firmware: xilinx: Add ZynqMP firmware driver
  • 0aea30b drivers: firmware: xilinx: Add sysfs interface
  • 889d73e drivers: firmware: xilinx: Add debugfs interface
  • e479034 firmware: zynqmp: Add sysfs to set shutdown scope
  • Add sysfs and IOCTL to set boot health status

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