Common Clock Framework for Zynq

This page gives an overview of the Zynq Clock framework available at drivers/clk/zynq/. 

Table of Contents

HW IP features

The Zynq has a programmable clock generator that takes a clock of a definite input frequency and generates multiple derived clocks using the phase-locked loop (PLL) blocks in the processing system (PS). The output clock from each of the PLLs is used as a reference clock to the different PS peripherals. Clocking Features The Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC has five PLLs that generate various clocks used in the PS subsystem:

Features Supported in the Driver

  • Clock gating
  • Clock scaling

Missing features, Known Issues, limitations

  • NA

Kernel Configuration

The following config options should be enabled in order to build the ccf driver

Compiled default.


For more details on phy bindings please refer "Documentation/devicetree/bindings/clock/zynq-7000.txt"

clkc: clkc@100 {
                                #clock-cells = <1>;
                                compatible = "xlnx,ps7-clkc";
                                fclk-enable = <0xf>;
                                clock-output-names = "armpll", "ddrpll", "iopll", "cpu_6or4x",
                                                "cpu_3or2x", "cpu_2x", "cpu_1x", "ddr2x", "ddr3x",
                                                "dci", "lqspi", "smc", "pcap", "gem0", "gem1",
                                                "fclk0", "fclk1", "fclk2", "fclk3", "can0", "can1",
                                                "sdio0", "sdio1", "uart0", "uart1", "spi0", "spi1",
                                                "dma", "usb0_aper", "usb1_aper", "gem0_aper",
                                                "gem1_aper", "sdio0_aper", "sdio1_aper",
                                                "spi0_aper", "spi1_aper", "can0_aper", "can1_aper",
                                                "i2c0_aper", "i2c1_aper", "uart0_aper", "uart1_aper",
                                                "gpio_aper", "lqspi_aper", "smc_aper", "swdt",
                                                "dbg_trc", "dbg_apb";
                                reg = <0x100 0x100>;

Test Procedure

Mainly clock enable and disable based on a usage basis.

Upon the usage the the clocks are enabled and in the idle the clocks are gated.

Mainline status

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