MPSoC Linux Application Development

MPSoC Linux Application Development

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Linux Application Development

This page will describe how to build an linux application using SDK.

How to Import a Hardware Project

1. Click File ->New -> Project then it opens below dialog
2. Select “Hardware Platform Specification” and click on “Next”

3. Specify the path for the HDF (hardware definition file) and click on “Finish”

How to Build Executable using SDK

ARM Cortex-A53 Linux Executable

1. Click File -> New -> Application Project as shown below
2. Specify the Project name, select “psu_cortexa53” from the dropdown list for Processor and “linux” for OS Platform, Click “Next”

3. Select “Linux Hello World” for a hello world project or an “Linux Empty Application” and click “Finish”


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