xapp1026 lwIP applications

The below are build steps for lwIP application on ZC702

Table of Contents

1. raw_apps creation

- Launch SDK 2016.3 and create an empty application by choosing default hw_platform of ZCU702 as shown in below figure.

- Create an empty application

- copy the raw_apps source files into raw_apps/src folder and refresh the raw_apps/src folder in SDK (right click and choose Refresh).
- Now, choose lwIP and xilmfs in BSP settings.

- Modify the lwIP parameters in system.mss (source tab). This system.mss is located under raw_apps_bsp.

- Now raw_apps.elf can be used to test on board.

2. socket_apps creation

- Launch SDK 2016.3 and add "repo" folder provided in the package
xilinx tools --> repositories --> "add repo" --> rescan repositories --> click apply --> click OK

- create socket_apps as shown in below figure

- Choose scoket_apps template as shown below and click finish

NOTE : User may see errors in socket_apps_bsp/ps7_cortexa9_0/libsrc/xdmaps.c
These errors may be ignored as those will not stop building the socket_apps application
If these errors are to be bypassed remove the keyword "inline" everywhere in the xdmaps.c

- Now the socket_apps.elf is ready to test on board.

3. Testing

The testing procedure is described in page 19 of xapp1026

4. Throughput

Hardware designRaw modeSocket Mode
Rx (Mbps)Tx (Mbps)Rx (Mbps)Tx (Mbps)

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