Boot Pre-Built Xilinx ZC-702 image

This how-to describes how to boot a pre-built Linux image on the Xilinx ZC-702

Table of Contents

Task Dependencies (Pre-requisites)

Tools Required

  • Terminal program (Teraterm, hyperterm, PuTTY, etc.)

Input Files Required

Task Description


Refer to UG850 ZC702 Board User Guide for more details on the switch settings.
  • Connect the power supply to the board.
  • Connect a USB UART cable between the board and the host pc
  • Open a serial terminal with the following settings:Power on the board. You will see the boot process in your terminal window. The device has finished booting when you see the zynq> prompt
    • baud rate = 115200
    • data bits = 8
    • stop bits = 1
    • flow control = none

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