Build PMU Firmware

This how-to describes how to build the PMU Firmware (PMUFW) for your target platform. Building the PMUFW is a part of the Xilinx design flow described in Xilinx Open Source Linux.

Table of Contents

Task Dependencies (Pre-requisites)

  • System design completed in Vivado

Tools Required

Input Files Required

  • System hardware project hdf file

Output Files Produced

  • executable.elf

Task Description

Start hsi
bash$ hsi
Open the hardware design
hsi% set hwdsgn [open_hw_design <hardware.hdf>]
Generate and build the PMUFW
hsi% generate_app -hw $hwdsgn -os standalone -proc psu_pmu_0 -app zynqmp_pmufw -compile -sw pmufw -dir <dir_for_new_app>

Build Steps

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