Linux - Xen DomU

The pages describes the process for configuring Xen for Linux DomU. 

Table of Contents

General Build Information (Linux DomU)

Linux Configurations Requirements

Linux needs to be built with the following options enabled:
These options are all enabled by default in PetaLinux projects. They can remain enabled without issue for native Linux systems running without Xen hypervisor.

CONFIG_XEN enables critical hooks for Xen interface from DomU
CONFIG_HVC_DRIVER includes a driver for the hypervisor (paravirtual) console within the guest. This avoids having to manually assign a dedicated serial console for use by the guest.

This Hypervisor console is an input/output console point to point between DomU and Dom0. It can be run over SSH, physical UART. When multiple DomU instantate a console, each is unique.

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