Booting XEN on ZCU102 using SD card

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  • Build Xen image using bitbake for the target.
    • Example: MACHINE=zcu102-zynqmp bitbake xen-image-minimal
  • Go to build/deploy/images/<target> and copy the below files to the boot partition of the SD card. Refer this guide to prepare your SD card.
    • BOOT.bin
    • Image
    • system.dtb (rename Image-zynqmp-zcu102-revB.dtb to system.dtb)
    • xen.ub
Extract rootfs from xen-image-minimal-zcu102-zynqmp.cpio to the root partition of the SD card.

Booting from SD card

  • Press any key when prompted to stop autoboot.
  • Enter the below command and press enter

mmc dev $sdbootdev && mmcinfo && run uenvboot || run sdroot$sdbootdev; load mmc $sdbootdev:$partid $fdt_addr system.dtb && load mmc $sdbootdev:$partid 0x80000 Image; fdt addr $fdt_addr && fdt resize 128 && fdt set /chosen \#address-cells <1> && fdt set /chosen \#size-cells <1> && fdt mknod /chosen dom0 && fdt set /chosen/dom0 compatible "xen,linux-zimage" "xen,multiboot-module" && fdt set /chosen/dom0 reg <0x80000 0x3100000> && fdt set /chosen xen,xen-bootargs "console=dtuart dtuart=serial0 dom0_mem=768M bootscrub=0 maxcpus=1 timer_slop=0" && fdt set /chosen xen,dom0-bootargs "console=hvc0 earlycon=xen earlyprintk=xen maxcpus=1 clk_ignore_unused root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait"; load mmc $sdbootdev:$partid 1000000 xen.ub; bootm 1000000 - $fdt_addr

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