Build Device Tree Compiler (dtc)

This page describes how to download and build the device tree compiler (DTC) from mainline. This utility is required for building U-Boot sucessfully. Building the device tree compiler is a part of the Xilinx design flow described in Xilinx Open Source Linux.

Table of Contents

Task Dependencies (Pre-requisites)

Tools Required

Output Files Produced

  • dtc (the dtc binary executable)

Task Description

Build DTC

All commands have to be executed in your DTC source directory. There is a single dtc binary suitable for all architectures. There is not a need to build separate dtc binaries to support MicroBlaze and ARM.

To build dtc:
After the build process completes the dtc binary is created within the current directory. It is neccessary to make the path to the dtc binary accessible to tools (eg, the U-Boot build process). To make dtc available in other steps, it is recommended to add the tools directory to your $PATH variable.
export PATH=`pwd`:$PATH

Build Steps

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