Loading PL and Partial PDI on Versal Platform Using U-Boot

U-Boot for Versal is capable of loading secure and non-secure partial PDI or DFX PDI using U-Boot commands. This document provides information on “versal loadpdi“ command usage and provides sample BIF files for secure and non-secure cases.

Certain Design considerations are required to load PL logic from U-boot or run-time software. Refer to “Classic SoC Boot” in UG1273 and the Classic SoC boot tutorial available from the Xilinx GitHub repository.

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Load PDI

Use the “versal loadpdi“ command to load secure/non-secure PDI.

versal loadpdi <ddr addr> <len> ddr addr: Address at which pdi is loaded len : Length of the pdi loaded

Create PDI binaries

Use the Bootgen tool to create PDI binaries using BIF files. Refer to UG1283 for more details on creating BIF files.

bootgen -arch versal -image image.bif -w -o image.pdi

Sample BIF files to generate a PDI using PL configuration

This section shows some example BIF's to generate a partial PDI with PL configuration data. Such partial PDI's can be loaded on a target which is already configured with the boot PDI and has at least PLM running on the target.


bif: { id_code = 0x14ca8093 extended_id_code = 0x01 id = 0x2 image { name = PL_Image id = 0x18700000 partition { id = 0x103 type = cdo file = <file1.rcdo> } partition { id = 0x105 type = cdo file = <file1.rnpi> } } }

Secure AES

The aeskeyfile in the first partition should be the same key that was programmed in the bbram.

Secure AES-RSA

The aeskeyfile in the first partition should be the same key which was programmed in the bbram.

Secure ECDSA

Sample BIF files for partial PDI with software images

In the below example, the Linux fit image will be loaded to the DDR location (0x10000000) by the PLM by decrypting/Authenticating the PDI image.


Secure AES

Secure AES-RSA

Secure ECDSA

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