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The purpose of this page is to provide Xilinx-specific information related to available Wind River products and services.

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Wind River Products


VxWorks®, the industry’s leading real-time operating system, delivers all the performance, determinism, reliability, safety, and security capabilities you need to meet the highest standards for running the embedded computing systems of the most important critical infrastructure.

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Board Support Packages for Xilinx Boards

Wind River offers Board Support Packages (BSPs) for multiple Zynq-7000 and Zynq UltraScale+ development boards.

Additional Software Packages



VxWorks Cert Edition

VxWorks 653

Wind River Linux

Wind River® Linux is the industry’s most advanced embedded Linux development platform, with a comprehensive suite of products, tools, and lifecycle services to build and support intelligent edge devices.

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Getting Started with Wind River Linux

Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform

Wind River® Helix Virtualization Platform consolidates multi-OS and mixed-criticality applications onto a single edge compute software platform, simplifying, securing, and future-proofing critical infrastructure solutions in the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and automotive markets.


Wind River Star Lab Titanium Security Suite

Star Lab’s Titanium Security Suite offers the most robust Linux system hardening and security capabilities available on the market today for operationally-deployed Linux systems. Designed using a threat model that assumes an attacker will gain root (admin) access to your system, Titanium maintains the integrity and confidentiality of critical applications, data, and configurations while assuring operations. Titanium is compatible with RedHat,CentOS, Ubuntu, RedHawk, and other embedded Linux distributions.



Wind River Services

Wind River® Professional Services provides access to comprehensive knowledge and expertise to help our customers unlock the full potential of Wind River products, dramatically reducing the risks and time associated with creating and integrating new technologies.

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