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$ media-ctl -d /dev/media0 -V "\"a0040000.v_proc_ss\":0 [fmt:VYYUYY10_4X20/3840x2160 field:none]"
$ media-ctl -d /dev/media0 -V "\"a0040000.v_proc_ss\":1 [fmt:UYVY10_1X20/3840x2160 field:none]"

Make sure NVIDIA SHIELD is configured for 4K resolution and RBG888_1X24 format.

  • Follow the below steps to switch the HDMI-Rx resolution from 1080p60 to 4kp60.

    • Check current HDMI Input Source Resolution (1080p60) by following the steps mentioned earlier to check HDMI-Rx resolution using media-ctl command.

    • Run vcu_gst_app for current HDMI-Rx resolution (1080p60) by executing the following command.