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This page focuses on Ethernet-based designs that use Zynq® UltraScale+™ devices. It describes the use of the gigabit Ethernet controller (GEM) available in the processing system (PS) through the extended multiplexed I/O (EMIO) and multiplexed I/O (MIO) interfaces. It also describes the use of 1000BASE-X, SGMII, and 10GBASE-R physical interfaces using high-speed transceivers in programmable logic (PL). The use of Ethernet jumbo frames in both PS and PL-based Ethernet systems is explained in this application note. Throughput numbers for PS Ethernet, PL Ethernet (1G and 10G), and PS-PL Ethernet are also included. The designs explained in this application note demonstrate Ethernet solutions with kernel-mode Linux device drivers.


Download the reference design files for this application note from the corresponding github repository:


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Table of Contents
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