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Yocto requires internet access in order to download all the source packages required to build an embedded Linux system.  However, internet access may not always be available when building with Yocto.  A developer may have a build machine with internet restrictions or the developer may simply be unplugged while on an airplane.  This wiki covers a few options for building with offline machines.


  1. Downloading source packages and then copying them to your build machine.
  2. Using a mirror server to host the source packages locally on your intranet.
  3. Using a build server to run periodic builds and provide the build artifacts through the shared state cache.

Creating a Custom Xilinx Yocto Layer

Adding an HDF a Hardware Platform to a Xilinx Yocto Layer

Xilinx Yocto Builds without an Internet Connection63832408


Yocto Project Mega-Manual (2.4.4)