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In VCU HDMI Single stream RoI design, we’ve used the following VVAS plugins:

  • ivas_xfilter: The ivas_xfilter efficiently works with hard-kernel/soft-kernel/software (user-space) acceleration software library types. It can operate in Passthrough/in-place/transform mode. In single-stream RoI design, it was used as in-place mode so that the acceleration software library can alter the input buffer.

  • ivas_xmetaaffixer: It is used to scale the incoming metadata information for the different resolutions, Where metadata received on the master sink pad is scaled in relation to the resolution output slave pads.

  • ivas_xroigen: This plug-in generates ROI metadata information, which is expected by GStreamer OMX encoder plug-ins to encode raw frames with the desired quality parameters (QP) values/ level for specified ROIs.