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This page provides all the information related to Design Module 8 - VCU TRD Xilinx low latency(LLP2) PL DDR NV16 HDMI design.


This module enables capture of video from an HDMI-Rx subsystem implemented in the PL. The video can be displayed through the HDMI-Tx subsystem implemented in the PL. The module can stream-out and stream-in live captured video frames through an Ethernet interface at ultra-low latencies using Sync IP. This module supports multi-stream four video streams using AXI broadcaster at capture side and mixer at display side for NV16 pixel format. In this design PL_DDR is used for decoding and PS_DDR for encoding so that DDR bandwidth would be enough to support high bandwidth VCU applications requiring simultaneous encoder and decoder operations and transcoding at 4k @60 FPS.



Pixel Format

GStreamer Format

Media Bus Format

GStreamer HEVC Profile

GStreamer AVC Profile

Kmssink Plane-id






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