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This page gives an overview of the bare-metal driver support for the Xilinx® LogiCORE™ IP Arasan SD 3.0 host controller.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The two SD controllers have the same feature set and can be operated independently. The controller communicates with SDIO devices, SD memory cards, and eMMC cards with up to
eight data lines. In SD mode, data transfers in 1-bit and 4-bit modes. In eMMC mode, data transfers in 1-bit, 4-bit, and 8-bit modes. The interface can be routed through the MIO
multiplexer to the MIO pins or through the EMIO to the SelectIO pin in the PL. The controller is accessed by the APU and RPU via the AXI bus. The controller also includes
a DMA unit with an internal FIFO to meet throughput requirements.