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This example test the Multi-Tile Sync feature and shows how to use the MTS APIs.



  • New interpolaton & decimation modes (IP dependent)
  • New Image Reject Filter (IP dependent)
  • New DAC modes (IP dependent)
  • Second Nyquist zone inerse sinc filter (IP dependent)
  • Support for alternative DAC bondout (IP dependent)
  • New ADC signal detector (IP dependent)
  • New calibration override APIs (IP dependent)
  • Extended coarse delay (IP dependent)
  • New clock distribution network with integer clock division(IP dependent)
  • New Common mode over/under interrupts (IP dependent)
  • Interrupt APIs now return standard error codes (exempt XRFdc_IntrHandler and XRFdc_SetStatusHandler)
  • XRFdc_DynamicPLLConfig now only restarts a tile if it was on previously


  • Now get maximum FS from IP
  • Determinig ADC Type now on a per-tile basis
  • The wrong fabric rate was being used for a 2GSPS ADC at a decimation rate of 8.The wrong fabric rate was being used for a 2GSPS ADC at a decimation rate of 8
  • The paramater "DataType" is now "MixerInputDataType"
  • Added APIs to set and get IM3 Dither.


  • Updated DAC min sampling rate to 500MHz and also update VCO Range, PLL_DIVIDER and PLL_FPDIV ranges.
  • Added XRFdc_GetFabClkOutDiv() API to read fabric clk div.
  • Added Inline APIs XRFdc_CheckBlockEnabled(), XRFdc_CheckTileEnabled(), XRFdc_CheckDigitalPathEnabled(), XRFdc_IsADCDigitalPathEnabled(), XRFdc_GetMultibandConfig()¬†and XRFdc_IsDACDigitalPathEnabled()
  • Fixed Multiband crossbar settings in C2C mode.
  • Updated Mixer_Settings structure.
  • Added MixerType member to MixerSettings structure and Update Mixer Settings APIs to consider the MixerType variable.
  • Removed __MICROBLAZE__ defines and use libmetal interface for Microblaze.
  • Added support to read the REFCLKDIV param from design.
  • Added XRFDC_MIXER_MODE_R2R option to support BYPASS mode for Real input.
  • Update powerup-state value based on PLL mode in XRFdc_DynamicPLLConfig() API.
  • Update XRFdc_SetPLLConfig() API to support range of REF_CLK_DIV values(1 to 4).
  • Updated StartUp, Shutdown and Reset APIs.