Creating FSBL, PMUFW from XSCT 2018.3 for ZCU111 and boot over JTAG

In this brief tutorial I will show how to create the FSBL and PMUFW for a Zynq Ultrascale device:



In order to call these procs, the user needs to open the hdf (hsi::open_hw_design):

To boot over JTAG on ZCU111:


  1. Create a TCL script with HSI commands above
  2. Launch XSCT 2018.3
  3. Change directory to the zipped directory
  4. source xsct_script.tcl
    • To just create the apps, use the command:
      • create_apps design_1_wrapper.hdf
    • To create the apps, and test on the ZCU111:
      • board_bringup design_1_wrapper.hdf