Clocking Wizard Standalone driver


This page gives an overview of clk_wiz driver which is available as part of the Xilinx Vivado and SDK distribution.

Source path for the driver:

Driver source code is organized into different folders. Below diagram shows the clk_wiz driver source organization

-- Doc - Provides the API and data structure details
- Examples - Reference application to show how to use the driver APIs and calling sequence
- Source - Driver source files

Features Supported

  1. Accepts up to two input clocks and up to
    seven output clocks per clock network.
  2.  Provides an AXI4-Lite interface for
    dynamically reconfiguring the clocking
    primitives for Multiply, Divide, Phase Shift/
    Offset, or Duty Cycle.

Features not supported

  • None

Test cases

Change Log


  • 75b71eclk_wiz: Add clocking wizard versal support
  • b78dcfb - clk_wiz: Fix the makefile for windows


  • f205462clk_wiz: Add a function clk for getting the clock in Hz
  • e3e7843 - clk_wiz: Modify Makefile to support parallel make execution
  • a466514  - clk_wiz: Clock wizard driver updates (add enable disable and set rate capability)

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