2018.3 U-boot Release Notes

Features added/Issues fixed:

  • Added support for WDT based on hooks in u-boot to pet the Watch Dog Timer for Zynq and ZynqMP
  • Added Support for ISSI QSPI flash devices -is25lp008d (8M/3.3V), is25wp008d (8M/1.8V) -is25lp016d (16M/3.3V), is25wp016d(16M/1.8V) -is25lp032d (32M/3.3V), is25wp032d (32M/1.8V) -is25wp064d (64M/1.8V)
  • Added support for encryption and decryption on data blob. For more info check command help. Command: zynqmp aes <srcaddr> <ivaddr> <len> <aesop> <keysrc> <dstaddr> [keyaddr]
  • Added 64-bit support for ZynqMP GEM driver
  • Added 64-bit support for ZynqMP QSPI operations
  • Added support for mmio read and write commands for performing read and write to registers (For debugging only).
  • Added support to program SD/eMMC ITAP/OTAP tap delays by reading the values from device-tree.
  • Added GMMI2RGMII driver support. This converter acts as bridge between MAC and external phy MAC <==> GMII2RGMII <==> RGMII_PHY.
  • Added new command "zynqmp tcminit <mode>" for intializing TCM from ZynqMP u-boot
  • Added support for Avnet Ultra96 which is re-branded to Xilinx ZCU100 revC/D.

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