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This is the legacy version of the getting started page. This has been replaced with new getting started pages linked from the main wiki page.  The updated DIY Linux flow is now covered on the Open Source Linux page. 

This page provides an overview of the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC & Zynq-7000 AP SoC Design Flow. 

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Xilinx supports building an embedded Linux software stack in a number of ways.  The most intuitive experience is to use the Xilinx PetaLinux software development kit.  This environment streamlines the build process by wrapping the popular Yocto Project infrastructure in an easy-to-use set of command line tools.  For those users that either have their own build framework or prefer a pure DIY experience, Xilinx also provides complete sources on our GitHub at GitHub.com/Xilinx

Quickstart: Boot a Pre-Built Linux Image

Targeted Reference Designs (TRDs)

These designs provide pre-built solutions,step-by-step documentation and associated supporting files for a variety of applications and can be found here: Targeted Reference Designs

Install the Xilinx EDA tools

The Xilinx Vivado tool suite must be installed prior to any design development. Download and install the Xilinx tools.

Vivado System and Hardware Design

Refer to the Vivado Design Suite User Guide documentation for detailed information

  • Configure Processor
  • Create hardware design
  • Add/Integrate IP Core
  • Generate Bitstream
  • Export to SDK

The PetaLinux Solution

The PetaLinux Software Development Kit provides the user with a complete embedded Linux distribution for the Xilinx hardware design flow. The solution contains everything required to build, develop, test and deploy Embedded Linux Systems.
It includes pre-configured binary bootable images, fully customizable Linux for the Xilinx device, and tools that automate the configuration, build and deployment process.  The PetaLinux solution provides Quick-start Linux images, Board Support Packages, and Host Development Tools.
Visit the PetaLinux wiki page for more details.

Building Linux Yourself (DIY)

The figure shows a high level block diagram of the Xilinx design flow for Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC & Zynq-7000 AP SoC.

The steps below outline the required steps for those users that prefer to build, deploy, and boot embedded Linux on their own.  A breadcrumb list of these steps appears at the bottom of each page along the way.

Application Development

Driver Documentation

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