2017.3 U-boot Release Notes

  • Added support for RFSoC board zc1254.
  • Added UBIFS support for Nand flash devices with on die ECC.
  • Removed authentication support for bitstreams and image loading provided in 2017.1 and 2017.2 as there are some security violation with that approach. \
  • Added SD3.0 support irrespective of the mode that SD card is already in.( This fixes an issue where SD3.0 mode switch failed if the SD card already present in UHS(earlier SW's like FSBL moved card to UHS mode)).
  • Updated mini u-boot configuration for Zynq and ZynqUS+( This has nothing to do with regular u-boot functionality).
  • Updated AXI ethernet driver to support for Zynq and ZynqUS+ platforms.
  • Updated QSPI modes selection logic based in is-dual and is-stacked properties in dts. This is now inline with what Linux QSPI drivers supports.
  • Added support for eMMC device MTFC64GJDDN-4M IT.


  • Fixed QSPI issue with QSPI flash parts of size 16MB.
  • Fixed an eMMC HS200 mode switching issue with device MTFC8GAKAJCN-4M IT
  • Fixed QSPI frequency switching issue.

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