Zynq SD Standalone driver


This page gives an overview of sdps driver which is available as part of the Xilinx Vivado and SDK distribution.
Source path for the driver:

Driver source code is organized into different folders. Below diagram shows the sdps driver source organization

-- Doc - Provides the API and data structure details
- Source - Driver source files

Features Supported by HW/SW

  • 1 or 4 bit bus width
  • Normal or High speed (and configurable clock)
  • ADMA2 transfers
  • Polled mode
  • Switch command
  • All ACMD’s and CMD’s involved in initialization and transfer states
  • Configurable block size
  • Block and direct addressable
  • Error detection

Features Not Supported

  • SDMA mode
  • Programmed IO mode
  • Interrupts
  • Lock/Unlock/Write protection

Known issues and Limitations

Driver supports only polled mode.

Test cases

The file system example is xilffs_polled_example.c
This file system example creates a new file in an SD/eMMC card (formatted with file system) writes a sequence into the files and reads it back to verify. This example can be modified to write user data to a file or read existing files as required. The API’s are standard file system API’s.





  • Added support for mkfs in the sd driver. It will calculate the sector size and number of sectors to identify the card capacity.
  • Used usleep API across all the platforms, since MB_SLEEP API is deprecated.
  • Added bus_width, mio_bank and has_emio parameters to tcl file to export to xparameters.h
  • Added support for UHS mode switching based on the card capability.
  • Added Tap delays inside the drivers required for High Speed modes and UHS modes.


  • Reduce the delay during power cycle from one second to one milli second.
  • Used emmc_hwreset pin to reset eMMC card rather than relying on power cycle.
  • Enable Rst_n bit in EXT_CSD reg if disabled - This is to enable hw reset functionality in eMMC device.
  • Implemented revived auto-tuning workaround by implementing dll_reset during tuning process.

AR# 68109 - for SD boot time increase in 2016.3


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  • Added support for word access system
  • Resolved compilation issues with ARMCC and ICCARM compilers


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  • Added cache invalidation after getting bus width information as ARM suggested.


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