Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Power Advantage Tool part 9 - Building and Installing the Gimp Artwork from Sources

The Rich GUI experience is based on supporting layers of photo-realistic artwork. It is possible to modify the “skins” of the Power Advantage Tool at this level. This section will show you how to rebuild these GUI layers from source artwork.

Gimp Artwork

1.1 Rebuilding the Qt Artwork in Gimp

The steps to rebuild the Qt Artwork has been automated in Gimp. This saves the manual process of enabling and disabling source artwork layers, as well as manually resizing the layers:
  • Follow the Gimp instructions to install and set up the latest version of Gimp from https://www.gimp.org/downloads/.
  • Follow the Gimp instructions to install the Python Fu Script provided in C:\zynqus\pwr\gimp\export.py.
  • Gimp > File > Open > C:\zynqus\pwr\gimp\Layout.xcf
  • File > python-fu-export. The process can take 30 minutes.

Figure 1. python-fu-export.

1.2 Installing the Qt Artwork

The Artwork must now be copied to the Qt Project:

Figure 2. Qt Artwork.
  • When the script has completed running, copy the ten files (540 and 1080 resolution) from C:\users\<Username> to C:\zynqus\pwr\qt\Assets\Backgrounds. Note: The most recent distributions generate twenty files to be copied.
  • C:\zynqus\pwr\qt\copyassets.bat Now you are ready to rebuild Qt with the new Artwork.

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