Xilinx V4L2 RGB2YUV driver

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The purpose of this page is to describe the Linux V4L2 driver for Xilinx RGB to YUV(RGB2YUV) soft IP.
NOTE:  This IP has been superseded by the Video Processing Subsystem and users should look at the Xilinx V4L2 VPSS Scaler driver and Xilinx V4L2 VPSS CSC driver pages for the latest driver information.


The Linux RGB2YUV driver (xilinx-rgb2yuv.c) based on the V4L2 framework creates a subdev node(/dev/v4l-subdev*) which can be used to configure the RGB2YUV IP core. The general description of V4L2 framework is documented here, v4l2-framework.txt.

Linux Kernel defconfig


Device tree binding

The dts node should be defined with correct hardware configuration. How to define the node is documented here, xlnx,axi-rgb2yuv.txt.

Supporting features

Following RGB2YUV features are supported including:
  • Converting RGB888 into YUV444 format
  • Configuring clipping/clamping values of Y, U, or V
  • Configuring offset of Y, U, or V
  • Programming A, B, C, D coefficients

Work to be done

  • Improve coefficients programming with V4L2 matrix update API



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