Xilinx V4L2 CFA driver

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The purpose of this page is to describe the Linux V4L2 driver for Xilinx Color FIlter Array(CFA) soft IP.
NOTE:  This IP has been superseded by the Demosaic and users should look at the Xilinx V4L2 Demosaic driver page for the latest driver information.


The Linux TPG driver (xilinx-cfa.c) is based on the V4L2 framework, and creates a subdev node(/dev/v4l-subdev*) which can be used to configure the CFA IP core. The general description of V4L2 framework is documented here, v4l2-framework.txt.

Linux Kernel defconfig


Device tree binding

The dts node should be defined with correct hardware configuration. How to define the node is documented here, xlnx,axi-cfa.txt.

Supporting features

All CFA features are supported including:
  • Converting Bayer phases(RGGB, GRBG, GBRG, BGGR) into RGB888

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