AXI INTC Standalone driver


This page gives an overview of intc driver which is available as part of the Xilinx Vivado and Vitis distribution.

Source path for the driver:

Driver source code is organized into different folders. Below diagram shows the intc driver source organization

-- Doc - Provides the API and data structure details
-- Examples - Reference application to show how to use the driver APIs and calling sequence

--Source - Driver source files


-- data - Contains files for Vitis

Features Supported

Controller/Driver features supported

  • Support up to 32 interrupt inputs

  • Capable of cascading, to support more than 32 interrupt inputs

  • Enabling and disabling of individual interrupts.

  • Capable of generating software interrupts

Known issues and Limitations

Test cases

xintc example
This example demonstrates triggering of interrupts in simulation mode.


Successfully ran Intc Example

xintc low level example

This is an interrupt example which utilizes low level APIs to configure the interrupt in simulation mode


Successfully ran Intc lowlevel Example



  • Updated tcl to support interrupt ID generation for broader range of HW designs
    having slice/concat/OR gate combinations

  • Updated Makefile for parallel make execution and incremental build support.