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  1. Incremental Build for the BSP and the application is not yet available. In case of any source change in BSP, the whole BSP has to be compiled again and the same goes for the application workspace.

  2. Hardware related errors for a template application or a library have to be explicitly added via cmake files. Earlier it was handled in tcl but the same is not translated to yaml.

  3. The BSP workspace and the Application Workspaces are not completely relocatable. Build folders (for BSP, it is <bsp_ws>/libsrc/build_configs and for application, it is <app_ws>/build) have to be deleted before relocating.

  4. All the microblaze designs are expected to have "microblaze" in their processor names. This issue will be resolved in the coming release.

  5. In case of Embeddedsw repo having the multiple versions of the same component (say csudma_v3_5 and csudma_v3_6 as it used to be in the legacy flow), the build system will pick the first source sequenced alphabetically by default (csudma_v3_5 in this case). The source can later be changed (csudma_v_6 path can be chosen among the available options) once the BSP is created.

  6. Not all drivers/libraries/apps/examples in embeddedsw are ported to this new flow. Incase if a driver/library/app isnt ported, it wouldn't be considered while creating BSP/application and the example wouldnt showup for selection in GUI.

  7. IAR/armcc compilers are not supported

  8. ZynqUS+ A53 32-bit zynqmp is not supported

  9. 64 bit Soft Microblaze is not supported

  10. Few of the BSP/Library configuration settings have been relocated and some of them have been removed during this transition to new SDT based flow.

  11. Libmetal and OpenAM FreeRTOS apps arent supported yet and support of OpenAMP for Zynq Cortex-A9 and Versal, ZU+ R5_1 processsors isnt present yet in this new flow

  12. STDIN and STDOUT configuration selection for FreeRTOS BSP isnt present.

  13. Memory region names are slightly modified in the linker script from the legacy flow. Linear_qspi/EMC memories are currently missing in the linker script.

  14. LwIP library can't be added to a FreeRTOS platform BSP settings. Workaround is to create a FreeRTOS lwIP template application and place the files needed for the custom application in the source folder. Default lwIP FreeRTOS apps work as expected and are unaffected by this issue.