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The purpose of this document is to describe how to monitor and modify different Power Domain and Power Island states of the VCK190 Evaluation board through system controller using Power Management Dashboard.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Power Management Dashboard is a web-based GUI Application to monitor and modify Power Domain and Power Island states of Evaluation board. The Power Management Dashboard web page connects to the web server running on the system controller for reading and writing values to board.


Ensure to program Versal before launching Power Management Dashboard. Follow the instructions available in ACAP Cockpit - Program Versal to program Versal.

Launch Power Management Dashboard

Power management Dashboard can be launched from BEAM Tool. Follow below steps to launch Power Management Dashboard.

  • Launch BEAM Tool. Follow steps here to launch BEAM Tool.

  • Click on “Run Demos & Designs” button on left side of home screen of BEAM Tool

  • Search for “Power Management Dashboard” in the grid of demo & designs screen.

  • Click on “Run” button under “Power Management Dashboard” grid to open “Power Management Dashboard” in a new tab of the browser.

  • Make sure to allow browser popup when asked.


Dashboard Walk-Through

Power Management Dashboard can be opened from BEAM Tool’s “Run Designs & Demos” screen. Power Management Dashboard opens in a new tab of the browser when clicked on the “Run” button. Dashboard looks like the screenshot 2.1 below.

The Power Management Dashboard opens with all buttons disabled except “Sample” button by default. Click on “Sample” button to view the GUI with supported/available Power Domains and Power Islands in the current version and show the states of various Power Domains and Power Islands such as On, Off.


Fetch States of All Power Domains and Power Islands

Power states of available/supported Domains and Islands can be fetched and displayed on the GUI. Follow below steps to view the state of supported Power Domains and Power Islands.

  • Click on “Sample” button.

  • A loader symbol is shown while the Power Management Dashboard fetches the state of Power Domains and Power Islands.

  • The GUI is updated with the enabled/disabled/on/off colors based on the power domains and Power Islands states.

Toggle Power Domain and Power Island States

Power Domains and Power Islands states can be changed with the pop up shown when clicked on any supported Power Domains and Power Islands . Follow below to toggle power state.

  • Click on Power domain button.

  • A pop up is shown with checkboxes that indicates current state of the Power Domain and Power Island.

  • Check or uncheck the checkbox of the power domain to turn on or turn off.

  • Click on Apply button to set the state. Pop up closes on successful change in the power state. Pop up is displayed with error message on failure.

  • Power state is updated on the GUI once the pop up is closed.

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