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2018.1 ATF Release Notes

Table of Contents


  • Upgraded to mainline v1.4. Also consists of patches for spectra meltdown.
  • Added new API's and functionalities to handle platform management functionalities Query platform data, Clock control, Pin control and ioctl.
  • Changed PL bitstream loading to blocking call to PMUFW. This means response wont be sent to upper layers until it is received from PMUFW.
  • Added new PM API for handling secure images.
  • Changed the behavior to build ATF with DEBUG option to DDR (0x1000-0x80000) instead of OCM earlier.
  • Added SMC call to provide ATF PM module version
  • Replaced IPI interrupt with TTC3_0 interrupt to register WDT restart event

Known issues

  • ATF build failure from 2018.1 SDK. Workaround for the same can be found here(TBD).