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Please note that SD does not work in SD3.0 UHS modes by default. The dt parameter no-1-8-v has to be removed from corresponding sdhci node to work in UHS mode. Having no-1-8-v in sdhci node makes it to operate till SD High speed only, on Xilinx ZynqMP/Versal boards UHS mode will not work.


1)The IDT/Renasas Clocking device is used for generation of the ToD clock (TS clock) and the GT Reference clock for Ethernet port.
This needs to be configured using BEAM tool.
2)The TRD design was created for supporting PTP. On every RX packet, 16 bytes are inserted in the beginning of the packet in-line.
This is done between MRMAC and MCDMA. For non-PTP packets, the SW discards this timestamp.
It contains some PTP functionality enabled by default on RX packets that uboot cannot recognize.