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Build Device Tree Compiler (dtc)

This page describes how to download and build the device tree compiler (DTC) from mainline. This utility is required for building U-Boot sucessfully. Building the device tree compiler is a part of the Xilinx design flow described in Getting Started Xilinx Open Source Linux.

Task Dependencies (Pre-requisites)

Tools Required

Output Files Produced

  • dtc (the dtc binary executable)

Task Description

Build DTC

All commands have to be executed in your DTC source directory. There is a single dtc binary suitable for all architectures. There is not a need to build separate dtc binaries to support MicroBlaze and ARM.

To build dtc:
Code Block
After the build process completes the dtc binary is created within the current directory. It is neccessary to make the path to the dtc binary accessible to tools (eg, the U-Boot build process). To make dtc available in other steps, it is recommended to add the tools directory to your $PATH variable.
Code Block
export PATH=`pwd`:$PATH

Build Steps