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Self hosting using dnf

Using dnf, you will be able to install the tools required to build(compile) applications on the target directly.

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Table of Contents
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the Self-Hosted Package Group

The package-group we are interested is "
packagegroup-petalinux-self-hosted". This package-group provides some commonly used utilities like Make, GCC, G++, etc. In this section we will be installing the package-group and then compile, and test out few demo applications.

GCC/G++ installation

We need to install packagegroup-petalinux-self-hosted
to be able to compile on target. To install run the below command.
Code Block
dnf repoquery
dnf install packagegroup-petalinux-self-hosted

GCC/G++ testing

Once, the package is installed, you should be able to use GCC/G+x+ compiler and build your programs on the target directly.

To test this, there are 2 sample programs attached below. Go ahead and download those onto your target. You can compile and build them as shown below.

To compile use:
Code Block
gcc hello_world.c -o hello_world
g++ vector-test.cpp  -o vector-test
Run the generated executable and verify the output:

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Test Code

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