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This article will discuss the steps needed to download and compile a Bootable (SD) Linux Image for the ZCU102 using the OSL flow.


Code Block
	$(MAKE) -C linux-xlnx clean
	source $(TOOLS)/$(VERSION)/; \
	export CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu-; \
	export ARCH=arm64; \
	export CC=aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc; \
	cd linux-xlnx; \
	$(MAKE) -f Makefile xilinx_zynqmp_defconfig; \
	$(MAKE) -f Makefile all -j 32; \
	$(MAKE) -f Makefile modules_install INSTALL_MOD_PATH=.

Build device-tree

  • Create a xsct_script.tcl file with the following contents:
Code Block
proc build_dts {args} {
	set board 0
	set version 2020.2
	for {set i 0} {$i < [llength $args]} {incr i} {
		if {[lindex $args $i] == "-board"} {
			set board [string tolower [lindex $args [expr {$i + 1}]]] 
		if {[lindex $args $i] == "-version"} {
			set version [string toupper [lindex $args [expr {$i + 1}]]] 
    	set xsa [glob -nocomplain -directory [pwd] -type f *.xsa]
    	hsi::open_hw_design $xsa
    	hsi::set_repo_path ./repo
    	hsi::create_sw_design device-tree -os device_tree -proc psu_cortexa53_0
    	hsi::generate_target -dir my_dts
    	hsi::close_hw_design [hsi::current_hw_design]
    	if {$board != 0} {
			foreach lib [glob -nocomplain -directory repo/my_dtg/device-tree-xlnx/device_tree/data/kernel_dtsi/${version}/include/dt-bindings -type d *] {
				if {![file exists my_dts/include/dt-bindings/[file tail $lib]]} {
					file copy -force $lib my_dts/include/dt-bindings
			set dtsi_files [glob -nocomplain -directory repo/my_dtg/device-tree-xlnx/device_tree/data/kernel_dtsi/${version}/BOARD -type f *${board}*]
			if {[llength $dtsi_files] != 0} {
				file copy -force [lindex $dtsi_files end] my_dts
				set fileId [open my_dts/system-user.dtsi "w"]
				puts $fileId "/include/ \"[file tail [lindex $dtsi_files end]]\""
				puts $fileId "/ {"
				puts $fileId "};"
				close $fileId
			} else {
				puts "Info: Board file: $board is not found and will not be added to the system-top.dts"


Compile the devicetree (DTB)

Code Block
	$(RM) -r system.dtb
	export PATH=$$PATH:$(shell pwd)/dtc; \
	gcc -I my_dts -E -nostdinc -undef -D__DTS__ -x assembler-with-cpp -o my_dts/system-top.dts.tmp my_dts/system-top.dts; \
	dtc -I dts -O dtb -o system.dtb my_dts/system-top.dts.tmp

Note: Users can add the symbols by adding the -@ switch here. The symbols are added by default in petalinux

Create SD image

Create the BIF file with the contents below:
Code Block
	[fsbl_config] a53_x64
	[bootloader, destination_cpu=a53-0] zynqmp_fsbl/executable.elf
	[pmufw_image] zynqmp_pmufw/executable.elf
	[destination_device=pl] design_1_wrapper.bit
	[destination_cpu=a53-0, load=0x00100000] system.dtb
	[destination_cpu=a53-0,exception_level=el-3,trustzone] arm-trusted-firmware/build/zynqmp/release/bl31/bl31.elf
	[destination_cpu=a53-0,exception_level=el-2] u-boot-xlnx/u-boot.elf

Then in bootgen command from your Makefile