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This Page lets the user understand how to use ACAP Cockpit.


The ACAP Cockpit offers 4 menu options that are conveniently located on the left side of the GUI.
These are (from top to bottom)

Menu Option

Available Features


Register Reference

Versal ACAP, XSearch


System Debugger

 Debugger, SysAddress Watch


System Monitor



User Dashboard

 Debugger, Plot

Each view is explained in-detail in the coming sections.

Register Reference

Versal ACAP


  • All Registers from Versal ACAP can be refreshed by clicking on "REFRESH ALL" button. (highlighted below in black)

  • This feature will take around 18 mins in order to read all the versal ACAP registers.

  • As this feature reads all memory locations of versal ACAP, the targets may go into bad state if any memory location in is not part of the PDI programmed. In such scenario please reset versal from Reset Versal feature which is part of available under Program Versal and to continue using cockpit


  • Registers from a specific module can be downloaded by clicking on download icon available against the module in the table row


  • By clicking on "REFRESH" button will again read live clock frequency for all available PLL


  • APLL


  • NPLL 


  • PPLL 


  • RPLL 



  • In Reset table we read live value from Board for all reset registers of CRL, CRF and CRP module. And do compare with reset value, if it's match then live value will display in Black else it will display in Amber color

  • By clicking on "DOWNLOAD" button will start downloading the table content