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This is a starting resource for the SmartLynq+ Module and it does not replace the official documentation of the SmartLynq+ Module that is on 


Once the power supply is connected to the SmartLynq+ Module and turned ON, a green power status LED should glow to indicate successful power-on and then followed by Boot


Embedded Design Tutorial

A System Design Example for High-Speed Debug Port with SmartLynq+ Module is available for users to get started,  The EDT guides users through building a system based on Versal devices that utilizes both the SmartLynq+ Module and High-Speed Debug Port (HSDP). It also demonstrates the steps to setup the SmartLynq+ Module and download a Linux image using either JTAG or High-Speed Debug Port.

Versal EDT -

SmartLynq+ Module EDT -


Appendix A - Micro SD card image release history

Release version



(Feb 18 2021 17:07:24)

First ReleaseDownload the microSD card Image (image version 2023.1)

Download the SmartLynq+ Application Package (version 2023.1)

(You can find the image and application package release information via navigating to "INFO" tab on the OLED screen and selecting "OS" and "build" drop down menu options respectively)


Update release for 2021.2

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