Zynq Release 14.1

Zynq Release 14.1

The 14.1 release of the Xilinx Open Source solution is the first release for Zynq. The release images are targeted
to the Xilinx ZC702 board (Rev C).
The primary focus for this release has been functionality with limited focus on performance.


General Zynq
Software Developers Guide (including bootgen)
ZC702 Board

Release Contents

The First Stage Boot Loader (FSBL) used to generate the BOOT.BIN file is based on the 14.1 release of the IDS tools.

The release is based on a 2010.09 release of u-boot. The boot message for this release specifies a build time is "May 07 2012 - 14:48:04". More details about the u-boot can be found at Zynq U-boot.

The release is based on a 3.0 Linux kernel. This release is using prebuilt device trees from arch/arm/boot/dts for the ZC702 board. The uname -a command from a shell prompt specifies the release name as "3.0.0-14.1-build3" with a build time of "Mon May 7th 14:58:04". More details about the Linux kernel can be found at Zynq Linux.

Files In Release

File Name
Binary image containing the FSBL and u-boot images produced by bootgen
The file to control bootgen during the creation of BOOT.BIN
Device tree binary blob used by Linux, loaded into memory by u-boot
Ramdisk image used by Linux, loaded into memory by u-boot
Description of the release
u-boot elf file used to create the BOOT.BIN image
Linux kernel image, loaded into memory by u-boot
FSBL elf image used to create BOOT.BIN image
All of these files can be copied to an SD card (FAT formated) and then used to boot the ZC702 board. Only BOOT.BIN, devicetree.dtb, zImage, and ramdisk8M.image.gz are required to boot Linux.

Release Git Tags

The Xilinx Git repositories, u-boot and linux, are tagged for the release with a tag of xilinx-14.1-build3.

Known Issues

  • u-boot is doing a ping before booting Linux. This will be removed in the future as it's left over from when there were network issues in Linux as a workaround for PHY initialization.
  • USB OTG still has issues. There are fixes that will be put on the top of the Linux tree after the 14.1 release.
  • DS12 LED can not be controlled from the PGIO in sysfs. This is because the MIO is not setup correctly. The workaround is to manually setup the MIO to be a GPIO if needed. Later investigation shows that this pin is not intended to be connected to an LED as it's a QSPI feedback pin.
  • Initramfs does not seem to work when passing in an external initramfs image with the default kernel configuration. It seems to work fine with initframfs when the image is built into the kernel. A work-around exists by removing CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM from the kernel configuration and rebuild the kernel. The root issue is not understood at this time.

Release Details


The network is setup to use a static IP address of in the release pre-built images. The network is being configured from the kernel command line rather than using a user space application.

SSH password

SSH is setup on the ramdisk to use root:root as the user:password

Release Download

A gziped tar ball contains the pre-built images for the Xilinx ZC702 platform.