Licenses and Source Code Information for 2019.2 PetaLinux BSPs

This page provides instructions for acquiring source code and licensing for each package provided by officially released 2019.2 PetaLinux BSPs. 

For 2020.1 and beyond, this content can be found at the PetaLinux downloads page at

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PetaLinux BSP is based on Yocto meta layers which consists of various components or packages to build a bootable image on the target platform. Every component or packages that is used to build the image are of various licenses for ex: GPL, MIT, Apache etc. This page details on how a user can get access to the Licenses or Source code or both for the "rootfs" (root filesystem) in the a given BSP.

See table below on complete list of published BSP and the list which provides the manifest of the rootfs components

PetaLinux BSPs - 2019.2 Release

S.NoPlatformBoard NameBSPBSP File.list
1Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC - RFSoCzcu111xilinx-zcu111-v2019.2-final.bspxilinx-zcu111-2019.2-sources.list
2Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC - RFSoCzcu1275xilinx-zcu1275-v2019.2-final.bspxilinx-zcu1275-2019.2-sources.list
3Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC - RFSoCzcu1285xilinx-zcu1285-v2019.2-final.bspxilinx-zcu1285-2019.2-sources.list
4Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCzcu106xilinx-zcu106-v2019.2-final.bspxilinx-zcu106-2019.2-sources.list
5Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCzcu104xilinx-zcu104-v2019.2-final.bspxilinx-zcu104-2019.2-sources.list
6Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCzcu102xilinx-zcu102-v2019.2-final.bspxilinx-zcu102-2019.2-sources.list
7Zynq 7000zc706xilinx-zc706-v2019.2-final.bspxilinx-zc706-2019.2-sources.list
8Zynq 7000zc702xilinx-zc702-v2019.2-final.bspxilinx-zc706-2019.2-sources.list
9Zynq 7000zedavnet-digilent-zedboard-v2019.2-final.bspavnet-digilent-zedboard-2019.2-sources.list
12MicroBlazeac701 xilinx-ac701-axi-full-v2019.2-final.bsp

Obtaining License and Source Code for Root File System in a BSP

A script is provided here for ease of use to a user to fetch the Licenses and Source code of the Root File System in a given BSP.

The script can be downloaded here

script Input : Architecture, Release year, File with a list of all packages present in rootfs

-a ${ARCH}


-f ${FILE}

-t (sources or licenses)

script Output : Licenses and Source code for all the packages present in rootfs in separate directories

Example use:

./ -a aarch64 -r 2019 -f filename.list -t licenses

./ -a aarch64 -r 2019 -f filename.list -t sources

  • Boards under "Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Board Support Packages" will use aarch64 ARCH
  • Boards under "Zynq-7000 SoC Board Support Packages" will use arm ARCH
  • Boards under "MicroBlaze Board Support Packages" will user arm microblaze

How does the script work?

Every release, all the Licenses and Source code of packages are published at

For example, In 2019.x the information is available below

The Licenses and Source code published is a super set, the script fetches all the information from the published link.

The input of the script is a manifest file which indicates the Root File System components that are part of the BSP.


The script is meant to be used only with the published BSP from Xilinx. Any user customization of the BSP might need

the user to provide the source code manually. 


udev-extraconf can be ignored as it is startup script of embedded Linux on target and does not have any source code related to it.
watchdog-init has the source script along with licenses in licenses


  • Why and who needs this ?

Users who have concerns on the Licenses or Source code in a given Root File System should use the methodology described here to check if it meet their requirement.

  • Why would somebody not need this ?

Users who has their own procedures to check Licenses and Source code for their Root File System development might not need this

  • Why would somebody need this ?

Users who want to verify the BSP contents and check all the Licenses before using the Root File System can use the script published here

  • How can the same be accomplished manually

The prebuilt images in each BSP has all the licenses of the Root File System at /usr/share/licenses in the Root File System.

The manifest file which list all the Root File System components in a BSP is also available in prebuilts.

The build system of PetaLinux BSP is based on Yocto, any custom or derived BSP from can inherit these following configurations to generate the Licenses and Source code

  • Where can I find all the License and Source code

Every release, all the Licenses and Source code of packages are published at

For example, In 2019.x the information is available below

The same is also available at

The "Open Source License and Source code" section contains all the Licenses and Source code files

  • What is different between the information in the PetaLinux Tool/BSP download area vs the script provided here?

The script helps to extract just the information of Licenses and Source code related to a given BSP Root File System. 

In addition, the script provided here is an added flexibility for an user to fetch Licenses or Source code for a given BSP Root File System even before using the PetaLinux Tool or BSP. 

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