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The purpose of this page is to provide Xilinx-specific information related to available Canonical products and services.

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Canonical is the company that produces the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system used around the world on millions of computers and devices from cloud to desktop to edge devices. Canonical is a UK based company that has been developing the Ubuntu operating system since 2004. Ubuntu is the number one choice of Linux operating systems for Innovators, smart IoT, machine learning, and AI scientists. Xilinx is proud to be partnered directly with Canonical to provide Ubuntu on Xilinx silicon.

Certified Ubuntu for Xilinx Devices

Xilinx has partnered with Canonical Ltd to provide a Certified Ubuntu Images for use with select Xilinx evaluation boards. This partnership offers many benefits to our mutual customers including:

  • Certified Ubuntu on popular Xilinx SoC evaluation boards

  • Familiar Ubuntu Classic Desktop environment

  • Extremely rich Debian based package availability

  • Binary Linux distribution for ease of use and quick start evaluations

  • Industry standard support options from Canonical for LTS including security patches

  • An easy path to production using Ubuntu Core

  • Simpler, less expensive customer engagements for chip down customers

  • The ability to produce Accelerated designs using the best technologies from Ubuntu and Xilinx

Evaluation Boards

The Xilinx Certified Ubuntu images are provided by Canonical and can be download from . See the table below for links to the getting started guides for the various images.

Device Family


Getting Started Page

Device Family


Getting Started Page

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC

ZCU102/4/6/111 (beta for Kria only)



Versal ACAP


Ubuntu 22.04 support for Versal is coming in late 2022

For each device family, a common SD card image is provided that provides board-specific functionality with a common Ubuntu kernel and root filesystem.

Xilinx Snaps

Snaps are application packages for desktop, cloud and IoT that are easy to install, secure, cross‐platform and dependency‐free. Snaps are discoverable and installable from the Canonical Snap Store. Xilinx maintains a set of snaps with the prefix “xlnx-” - For more information about the available Xilinx snaps, please refer to .

Support Information

Need help with Ubuntu? There are a variety of support options available from Canonical, Xilinx, and the Ubuntu community.

Canonical Support

How to contact


Canonical Support

How to contact


Certified Ubuntu Image Download

Official SD card image & developer tools

Ubuntu Documentation

All the standard Ubuntu Documentation

Ask Ubuntu Forums

Community Forums around Ubuntu

Ubuntu IRC chat channels

Ubuntu IRC Channel List

Ubuntu help channel #ubuntu

Community Help via Ubuntu wiki


Loads of Ubuntu information

Commercial Support

Commercial Support

Paid option for customers requiring personalized support and custom hardware support

Xilinx Support

How to contact


Xilinx Support

How to contact


Xilinx Wiki Pages for Ubuntu

Getting Started Guides, info on Ubuntu support for Xilinx silicon and reference boards

Xilinx Embedded Linux Forums

Help on running Linux on Xilinx silicon. Tag with #embedded_ubuntu for visibility.


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