This wiki page summarizes the performance of PS-EMIO (MACB diver) and PL Ethernet with CSO support for 1000BaseX and SGMII.


Vivado 2017.2
Kernel version 4.6 (2017.2)
These measurements are obtained against u-buntu high performance peer machine. The NIC on motherboard has been used with default offload options
(GSO, TSO) enabled. Performance is expected to differ when a different peer OS is used and peer NIC offload options are disabled.

Socket size in netperf (-s) is configured to 65536 for inbound tests.
PS EMIO Ethernet for 1000BaseX
Outbound: 825 Mbps

Inbound: 751 Mbps

PS EMIO Ethernet for SGMII
Outbound: 849 Mbps
Inbound : 727 Mbps

PL Ethernet for 1000BaseX with CSO offload
Outbound: 883 Mbps
Inbound: 731 Mbps

PL Ethernet for SGMII with CSO offload
Outbound: 821 Mbps
Inbound: 753 Mbps

NOTE : The above measurements are done without using taskset application which sets CPU affinity.
So, there is ~5% throughput down compared previous version. The taskset application will be delivered
in next release.