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What's new in 2018.1

Updates in meta-petalinux

Updates in meta-xilinx

  1. In 2017.x releases, we used to fork from upstream meta-xilinx release and remove all the unsupported boards (like microzed), SPL to create release branches.
    To prevent forking, from 2018.x releases, all patches for Xilinx release sit on top of upstream meta-xilinx release (Rocko v2.4).
    We use PREFERRED_PROVIDER switch to select the components: For example all the release testing is done with these PREFERRED_PROVIDERS

  2. SOC_FAMILY: This is a defined override variable from OE-core that groups together machines based upon the same family of SOC (System On Chip).
    This is defined as "zynqmp" for MPSoC devices, "zynq" for Zynq7000 devices in meta-xilinx layer. See

  3. {SOC_FAMILY}{SOC_VARIANT}: This is a new override based on the Xilinx product table and value of SOC_VARIANT can be "cg", "eg", "ev", "dr" for MPSoC devices and "7zs" or "7z" for Zynq 7000 devices. See

    By default, the Zynq devices are set to "7z" and
    By default, the MPSoC devices are set to "eg"

  4. mali400, vcu : This extends overrides from SOC_VARIANT, and is set to mali400 or vcu or both depending on the functionality of the set SOC_VARIANT device


Updates in meta-xilinx-tools

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