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4/10/20161.0Rajesh GugulothuInitial Release
24/2/20172.0Rajesh GugulothuUpdated with 2016.4 tools Release and Added design
files to support zcu102 Rev-B/Rev-D ,Rev-1.0 boards



Implementation Details
Design TypePS only
SW TypeLinux.
CPUsQuad-core ARM® Cortex™-A53 Application Processing Unit,ARM® Mali-400 MP2 Graphics Processing Unit.
PS FeaturesDDR controller,UART,SD/eMMC interface, USB 3.0,DisplayPort
Boards/Toolszcu102 Rev-B,Rev-D
Xilinx Tools VersionSDK 2016.4
Other Details1080p /4K display.
Host TypeUbuntu Linux 16.04 LTS

Files Provided


Highlights of the demo Execution:


Block Diagram:

Fig: OSG graphics application execution software flow diagram

This Tech Tip covers below sections as follows

Running a 3D vehicle model using prebuilt images:

  1. Download the supplied file and extract it to the windows machine local directory.It will get extracted as

    • Rev_1_0_Design_Files -It has boot-able images for Rev-1.0 board.

    • Rev_D_Design_Files-It has boot-able images for Rev-B/Rev-C/Rev-D boards.

    • OSG_Files-It has OSG prebuilt binaries and card model executable.

  2. Copy the boot-able images ( According to the board ) and OSG prebuilt binaries on to a SD card.

  3. Make sure that , SD card has below listed images before going to execute on the target.

    • BOOT.bin

    • image.ub

    • lib.tar.gz

    • bin.tar.gz


    • F612_mod.osg

  4. Boot the images by following the "ZCU102 board setup" section.

  5. Once the board boots up, login username and password as "root".

  6. mount the SD card boot partition and copy the OSG prebuilt images to /home/ directory.

    • $mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /media

    • $cp lib.tar.gz bin.tar.gz run_osg F612_mod.osg /home

  7. change the directory to /home and extract the OSG libraries and binaries

    • $ tar -xvf lib.tar.gz

    • $ tar -xvf bin.tar.gz

  8. and below command to run a OSG based 3D card model.

    $ ./

    Observe the car model appears on the monitor like as shown in the figure "Fig: OSG based 3D card model" at the end of the document.Try to rotate the model with the mouse connected to the board.

Compiling and building complete software for Running a 3D vehicle model:

Fig: Configuration file

Procedure to build Linux Images

This section describes how to build the Linux boot images for Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC. This section covers the following topics

ZCU102 Board Setup

Fig: zcu102 board setup

Demo Execution:

Fig: Serial communication port selection

Fig: OSG based 3D car model

Appendix A:Modification in OSG source

Appendix B:File Description in Design directory