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Build Flow Tutorials

This tutorial uses both Vitis and PetaLinux tools. It is recommended to use separate shells for each of the tools.

Perfapm-server Application

The performance monitor server application perfapm-server is a bare-metal application that executes on RPU-1. The firmware binary is loaded by the APU master at the end of the Linux boot process. RPU-1 and APU establish a communication channel using the OpenAMP framework. RPU-1 gathers performance data like memory throughput from the PS AXI performance monitor (APM) units and sends it across to the APU where the data is received by the perfapm-client library and then visualized on a plotted graph.










Perfapm-client-test Application (optional step)

The perfapm-client-test application receives performance counter values from RPU-1 and prints them to UART-0. It is by default built as part of the meta-user layer of the PetaLinux BSP. The corresponding yocto recipe and source files are located at $TRD_HOME/petalinux/bsp/project-spec/meta-user/recipes-apps/perfapm-client and the generated binary is located at /usr/bin/perfapm-client-test on the target rootfs.
To build the application outside the PetaLinux BSP, follow the steps below. 

PetaLinux BSP

This tutorial shows how to build the Linux image and boot image using the PetaLinux build tool. This step assumes you have run through the PetaLinux config in DM1 previously.

Run Flow Tutorial

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