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2018.1 release notes - Yocto

Whats new in 2018.1?

  • Yocto updated to Rocko release(2.4.1)
  • Supported distros: RHEL 7.x, Centos-7.x, and Ubuntu-16.04
  • Update recipe of Linux-xlnx kernel version -> 4.14
  • Update recipe of Arm trusted firmware version → 1.4
  • Update recipe of U-boot-xlnx version → v2018.01
  • Update recipe of Xen version → 4.9
  • Update recipe of QEMU version → v2.11.0
  • Update to GCC 7.2, glibc 2.26, binutils, 2.29
  • Support for meta-browser

Updates in meta-petalinux:

  • Added hellopm userspace application package to test power manager functionalities on evaluation boards like zcu102, zcu104 etc
  • Added gstreamer-vcu-examples package to run vcu examples on zcu106, zcu104 evaluation boards
  • Updated gstreamer-omx, plugins-bad, plugins-good, plugins-base to work with zcu106, zcu104 evaluation boards
  • Added kernel-module-hdmi recipe
  • Update tcf-agent version to 1.7.0
  • Added rfdc-examples package to run rfdc examples on Caher evaluation boards
  • Changes to Packagegroups:
    • Introduce packagegroup-petalinux-lmsensorspackagegroup which provides tools and drivers for monitoring temperatures, voltage, humidity, and fans.
    • Introduce packagegroup-petalinux-v4lutils packgegroup which provide packages to handle multimedia data.
    • Introduce packagegroup-petalinux-qt-extended packagegroup which provides Qt additional supported packages.
    • Introduce packagegroup-petalinux-utils packagegroup which provides miscellaneous utility packages.
    • Introduce packagegroup-petalinux-multimedia packagegroup which provides packages for out of box multimedia experience.
    • Introduce packagegroup-petalinux-python-modules packagegroup which provides python modules.
    • Introduce packagegroup-petalinux-networking-stack packagegroup which provides packages to extend network stack.
    • Introduce packagegroup-petalinux-display-debug packagegroup which provides packages to test and debug display ports.
    • Introduce packagegroup-petalinux-networking-debug packagegroup which provides packages to debug network related issues.

Updates in meta-xilinx:

  1. In 2017.x releases, we used to fork from upstream meta-xilinx release and remove all the unsupported boards (like microzed), SPL to create release branches.
    To prevent forking, from 2018.x releases, all patches for Xilinx release sit on top of upstream meta-xilinx release (Rocko v2.4).
    We use PREFERRED_PROVIDER switch to select the components: For example all the release testing is done with these PREFERRED_PROVIDERS

  2. SOC_FAMILY: This is a defined override variable from OE-core that groups together machines based upon the same family of SOC (System On Chip).
    This is defined as "zynqmp" for MPSoC devices, "zynq" for Zynq7000 devices in meta-xilinx layer. See

  3. {SOC_FAMILY}{SOC_VARIANT}: This is a new override based on the Xilinx product table and value of SOC_VARIANT can be "cg", "eg", "ev", "dr" for MPSoC devices and "7zs" or "7z" for Zynq 7000 devices. See

    By default, the Zynq devices are set to "7z" and
    By default, the MPSoC devices are set to "eg"

  4. mali400, vcu : This extends overrides from SOC_VARIANT, and is set to mali400 or vcu or both depending on the functionality of the set SOC_VARIANT device

  • Use Rocko meta-xilinx from upstream:
    • meta-xilinx is an umbrella which has meta-xilinx-bsp and meta-xilinx-contrib layers from Rocko v2.4

  • New machine support
    • Add support for zcu106 evaluation board
    • Add support for zcu104 evaluation board
    • Add support for zc1254 evaluation board
    • Add support for zc1275 evaluation board
    • Add support for zcu111 evaluation board

Updates in meta-xilinx-tools:

  • Xsct now can use the Xvfb and xlsclients from HOSTTOOLS instead of hardcoded /usr/bin path.
    • Xvfb and xlsclients is added as HOSTTOOLS, meaning this has to be installed in host system using 'apt-get install -y xvfb x11-utils'

  • Change xilinx-bootbin from a class to a bb recipe: This helps in easy overrides using bbappends and using PREFERRED_PROVIDER for bootbin generation
  • device-tree.bbappend: device-tree-generation recipe is removed and replaced with device-tree.bbappend. device-tree recipe is available in meta-xilinx layer, this just extends the recipe to use DTG.
    • add hooks for all new boards: zcu111, zcu106, zcu104, zc1254, zc1275

  • Add support for dsa : dsa is a new format from Vivado tools which will be introduced from 2018.3 release

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