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Control can be over entire Domains or individual Islands.

Domain Control

Direct GUI power domain control is not supported in this version.

Selecting Displays

Pressing the Select button gives a menu to select from various displays:
  • Plot: Graphically displays the power for each of the three domains and total power.

Figure 4. Plot.
  • Rails: This is the default display. Rails displays the voltage and power for each of the rails, as well as the chip temperature, and the total power. The power measurements are made external to the Zynq by TI INA226 chips.

Figure 5. Rails.
  • Sysmon: Display temperature and voltages read from Sysmon.
  • Legend: This page defines each of the Zynq rails.

Figure 6. Legend.
  • About: This page contains the legal notice, as well as the software revisions for Qt and MSP430 code.

Figure 7. About.

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