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  • Generate 3 output files (.tcs, .txt, and .bin) from Timing Commander utility for your design.

  • Navigate the menus ‘TEST THE BOARD Board Settings Clock’, and click on ‘Upload clock files’ button.

  • Upload the 3 files associated with your clock design from your host system to System Controller.

  • Select ‘Set Clock’ tab (if programming is desired for current working session) or ‘Set Boot Clock’ tab (if programming is desired to remain persistent across a power-cycle), and click on ‘Frequency’ pull-down menu for 8A34001 clock:

  • Select your custom clock design, and click ‘Set’.

  • If you see a green checkbox to the right, you have successfully programmed the clock with your custom filefiles!

Setting Boot Mode through GUI


BEAM tool selections are passed to sc_app binary in form of sc_app commands, which in turn is passed to sc_appd server. The sc_appd server is invoked at boot time and is responsible for processing the commands and returning the results back to BEAM tool through sc_app client.

SC Platform Updates

Linux Image Updates